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My interest in baby photography began on the first day when I see my daughter, Ingrid, on 2012/7/7. I was impressed by this first little baby. I can still remember I was sitting by my wife watching the 12-hours labor process, and finally we see her at 5:45pm! It was a magical moment when she appear in front of us, and at that particular moment, both me and my wife were just frozen. We could only smile and cry over and over again. I took so many beautiful photographs for you. We were so grateful to have all of these precious memories to cherish forever.

I am truly blessed for the opportunity to do what I love (not many people can say that). I shoot from my home studio and at location with only natural lights. My passion in photography helps me capture images that are warm, happy and full of emotions. I get inspired by vintage, simple, adorable and funny things. I love when clients go creative together with me and when they wanna explore to different locations or to try new ideas.

I love growing with my customers, capturing their beautiful & unique angels faces or capturing the journey that lies ahead of them. I love the excitement of a beautiful belly; the pureness and innocence of a newborn; the love of a happy family; and the joy of playful kids. As we all know time doesn’t stand still, so, before you recognize your newborn has become a teenager and before he is on his way to college, I will help you capture those magical moments in beautiful photographs that you can cherish and pass on from generation to generation.

It sounds weird to write a lot about myself. To keep it short, here are some of my favorite things: I enjoy digital gadgets, nice food, traveling and shopping. I like iPad, movies, winter and Christmas. Halloween is my favorite holiday (if we can call that). I like ice mocha & KFC. I am a night owl that hate getting up early, but I have no choice cause the best sunshine for natural light shooting is bright and early.  

I believe every baby is unique & they deserve custom made services to catch those particular and adorable moments in their life. 


Photography makes my heart smile!!!
I look forward to work together with you.

ing ho


AWPA awarded photographer 2014/2015/2016

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